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Entrepreneurship Development Programme

EDP is designed for aspiring and small business entrepreneurs to facilitate establishment of business enterprises and propel the growth and development of existing business units. The course provides reading material, video based tutorials, assessment and a case-based approach to help beneficiary mature his/her business idea to set-up a business enterprise, is provided in the course.

Learn at Your Own Pace

CEDMAP creates and promotes the content to be self paced.

Online Exam

CEDMAP is equipped with Online exams to test the skills you have earned.

Reference Material

CEDMAP provides reference documents with each course that can be downloaded.

Course Certifications

CEDMAP will provide candidates with certificates post each course.

Our Courses

Our Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In order to register for a course, you have to click on “Register for Free”. This will take you to a signup screen. Fill and Submit the asked details, once done you have registered for CEDMAP. Now you can go to the Students Skills area and click on “Register” button below the course you want to take. You have Registered for the course.

  • You can avail as many courses you want.

  • On CEDMAP, there are paid and free courses. Every course has a tag attached to it on top left corner, this will tell you if the course if free or paid.

  • Once you finish a course, you will get a Certificate which will remain in your Dashboard. This will let you access it anytime by logging in and going to that course which you have finished. Also, you can download this certificate for safekeeping.

  • No worries there, CEDMAP will let you take the tests as many times as you want.

Ranjeeta Kolatkar

Business Owner

CEDMAP has helped me immensely to get an idea transformed to real revenue generation Business.

Prem Chaturvedi


CEDMAP webinars made me realize the potential in investing in Rural India market and take that Rural commodity to international market.

Parul Shrivastava

Store Owner

CEDMAP has got me started by connecting me with their approved CA and CS network. I would have never been able to set up our Partnership firm without them.

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